About Amy Jane Bathrooms 

Concealed discreetly behind a hidden entrance within the walls of Plumbits of Stafford, a treasure trove of exquisite, opulent bathroom designs awaits your discovery. Step through the covert foliage-covered doorway and immerse yourself in the world of Amy Jane.

Beneath your feet, warm and inviting heated flooring welcomes you, while refreshing rain showers rejuvenate your senses. Indulge in baths so luxuriously designed that they beckon you to while away hours in relaxation, accompanied by a glass of effervescent delight and a captivating book. Behold a stunning showcase of the most exquisite tile designs that surround you.

To help you envision these opulent creations in the context of your own magnificent home, we offer the opportunity to experience a real-life room setting, showcasing a diverse range of these beautifully crafted bathrooms.